Day 1 and 2

Here is your first activity.

In an area that is large enough, create a line that looks like an 8. This will be your ‘trail’ for the entire ‘Igniting Sleeping Brains Project’.

Spray paint it on the grass or just wing it. If you choose to ‘wing it’, without someone watching you though, you won’t know if you are cutting off the 8 at a certain point and that, my friend, is the key. Wherever you cut it off, squish, or mangle your 8 in any way, you need to record for later and you need to focus on that area to improve your 8 and remove the problem in your brain.

Make sure the area is at least 10′ x 6′ or something large. Now for the first session, you will simply walk the 8. I wish I were there to watch because where you cut the 8 off, and which direction you choose to start, and….which foot you use to start with, indicates a ton about your learning styles and where you have a problem in your brain. I know it sounds too simple.

Since I am not there to watch, somehow force yourself to make a nicely-rounded eight by painting it on the lawn or using colorful tape on a rug or floor. Record yourself. People will look at me with their mouths open when I tell them they continually cut off a portion of the 8. You need to record your activity.

Walk this 8 for 10 minutes….no more!!!

You can’t use a treadmill.

It isn’t about walking.

It is about the switching of our direction with the 8

Arms quietly by your side. Don’t swing them.

We just want your legs directing the paths in your brain.

Don’t talk (no auditory stimuli) no music, no radio, no tv, no friends talking to you!!

Don’t watch anything (no visual stimuli)

Just concentrate on walking the 8.

You can do this two times a day if you want quicker results.

But be sure that you are walking the 8 without cutting off any portion of it.

If you continually cut off a corner, you won’t fix the problem at the root, causing you to cut off the corner. When you force yourself to walk the 8 with the rounded circles where you were cutting it off, you are creating more paths in your brain.

At least once have someone tell you if you are doing it correctly.

Next, we will layer this activity with another very simple action but don’t go on until you can walk this 8 well.

Send me a note and tell me how you are doing.
Continue walking the simple 8 until you read my next email in about two days.