Day 3

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Ignite Your Sleeping Brain Project

Day Three swing and walk Day three will layer another very simple activity onto walking the 8. Swing your arms from the shoulders. If you start to bend your elbow and swing from the elbow it shows that you have a short circuit and need to build more pathways in your brain. It doesn’t matter where the damage is necessarily, just start swinging your arms from your shoulders and have someone let you know if you are either cutting off the 8 or stopping the proper swing. When you swing your arms they are going out when the same side leg is staying in. You brain now has something lighting it up on both sides with each step.- vying for dominance. As you continue the 8’s you will notice that things you used to have trouble remembering are easily retrieved. You have storage areas already. You just need a path to take you quickly to the place where the information is stored. You need to make new pathways to reach it.
Have fun.

Write to me and let me know how you are doing.

This is an abbreviated version of a 49 day – 7 week program. The extended program works with layering simple tasks for each of the senses, one sense each week plus lots more. Even though this present project is only 7 days, you should see an improvement in your mental clarity and brain speed. There should be a major change. I’m excited for you. I am pushing you ahead a bit faster than we would normally take this. If you need an extra day to perfect one of the layers, please take it. Just because I am calling it a 7 day project doesn’t mean you have to do it in 7 days. This is the foundation for controlling the speed of your brain and it will make a difference. Double the number of days I am suggesting or do the assignment twice in a day. If you do the 10 minutes too late in the day you might find that your mind is a bit too active. Early morning and maybe an hour or two after lunch would be perfect. Take your time but above all……. Don’t Give Up!!!! I reiterate….it is too simple to seem to work but it does. Just wait and do the work. Be sure you are walking the 8 PERFECTLY

Record yourself and review it with an informed eye.

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