Day 5

Igniting Sleeping Brains 7 Day challenge
Day 5

You don’t do anything well by doing certain things. You don’t do anything well by just doing certain things. You play well or do things well by doing certain things in a certain way.

Day 5 As we layer additional ‘simple’ actions onto your daily walk, your brain will experience overload and you will start to cut off parts of your eight. Your arm will stop swinging or bend at the elbow. Be sure to record yourself on your phone so you will see where it is that you have to put in some extra effort. You will argue til your hair turns grey that your arm was swinging when it wasn’t so be sure to have some help in checking. Where you cut off the tasks in the circle represents the area in your brain where you need to build pathways. Take your time. Keep walking the eights and fixing whatever isn’t perfect, until you see a difference. Here is one more simple addition to your walk. Add another finger pattern to your walk. 1324

Day 6 Copy of chair Try to place something off to the side of the eight path you have created. A picture….a chair…something you can focus on. Now walk your 8 and keep your eyes on the object off to the side. Move your head and switch eyes as you walk around a curve. This is one of the most powerful parts of this exercise. The changes that take place from this point will be amazing. Day 7 Now try to think about something as you walk. Why not review the various things we did each day. What were the simple tasks we added to our walk. Try to memorize something. Still ten minutes. See how much you retain. Try to remember what you studied later today and see how it flows easily for you.

brain map

If you want to remember something over on the north shore of your brain, you will need a road to get there Final Questionaire It’s been a pleasure,
Carol Anderson Let me know how effective this project was in Igniting Your Sleeping Brain.

“A Goal without a Plan is Just a Wish” at some point try the MasterClass “Selfie Profile Master Class”